19th of March 2019 02:16 PM Link
⚔️ Our Knights are going to start there run this Friday! 9:40PM this Friday on the big screen in the Hourglass tasting Room. #YourBeerHourglass
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19th of March 2019 01:54 PM Link
🤳 Squad just knocked out some freshies!
#yourbeerHourglass #iiipa
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19th of March 2019 01:38 PM Link
🔵 Now Canning ☞ Cans are known to end up in the tasting room
19th of March 2019 10:00 AM Link
🌅🛥🎣 MikeChuck - American Pale Ale

☛ Now available in 4-pack cans, only in the Hourglass Tasting Room. #YourBeerHourglass
18th of March 2019 05:16 PM Link
☡ Can Drop 🏖 Tuesday 🏖 MikeChuck - American Pale Ale 4.6%

MikeChuck is balanced, this easy drinking pale ale is brewed with motueka and mandarina bavaria hops for mandarin orange, freshly zested lime, and floral notes balanced with a smooth, full malt character.

☞ Available at open, 4-Pack Cans @ Hourglass Brewing
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18th of March 2019 05:04 PM Link
This is MikeChuck. Chuck has been here since the beginning. We called him Mike for the first year we knew him and he never corrected us, finding out later his real name was Chuck we were dead. Seeing that his favorite beer was a Pale Ale, we had to make one and name it after him and the situation. MikeChuck has been a staple on our taps for over 3 years now and a consumer favorite. This will be its first time in a package, join us as we raise a Can and celebrate one of our favorite customers and one of your favorite beers.

MikeChuck 4Packs cans available Tuesday. #YourBeerHourglass #ThisIsWhyWeDoIt
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18th of March 2019 02:22 PM Link
🚜 Incredibly stoked to head back to Oklahoma for Little Festival on the Prairie hosted by Prairie Artisan Ales. As always humbled to pour with a brewery list like this and hang with our friends in such an amazing place.🌠#YourBeerHourglass

If you're in or headed to Oklahoma, Get your tickets now! This festival is bound for greatness.
17th of March 2019 04:00 PM Link
☘️ Get a chance on Saturday to try it? 🇮🇪

☞ Drunken Irish Curse is a limited run, don't sleep! #YourBeerHourglass
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17th of March 2019 12:00 PM Link
🇮🇪 'Tis the season! Whether you're going out or staying in, we've got what you need for St. Patrick's Day! 🇮🇪 #YourBeerHourglass
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17th of March 2019 11:00 AM Link
💚 Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘️ Today is the last chance to get in on the St. Patrick's Weekend Give Away! 🇮🇪 #YourBeerHourglass
☛ 1$ Off today on Irish Curse, Wee Peaty, and Póg Mo Thóin!
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16th of March 2019 09:34 PM Link
🇮🇪 Drunken Irish Curse 🍻 Irish Red Ale rested on Red Breast 15yr. Irish Whiskey Soaked Oak.

☞ Available Now in the H.G. Tasting Room. ☘
#yourbeerHourglass #irishred #redbreast #whiskey #cellar #barrel #beertography #barrelroom #smallbatchbeer #smallbatch #orl #orlando #longwood #LongwoodisGood
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16th of March 2019 02:44 PM Link
🇮🇪 The crowd has spoken, if you don't already know! #RandALLTheThings is in full swing with Drunken Irish Curse pushed through Marshmallows all day long in the Randall. ☘ #Yourbeerhourglass
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16th of March 2019 02:34 PM Link
📸 Only 2 days left to get that post in! Picking the winner on Monday! #YourBeerHourglass
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16th of March 2019 02:00 PM Link
☘️On tap Now! Our ode to the season, its time for the annual release of Póg Mo Thóin on Nitro!

⚫️ Póg Mo Thóin is a dry Irish style stout brewed with malted barley from Ireland and roasted barley for a dark color and smooth roast flavor. It is lightly hopped with hops from the U.K. for balance and served on nitro for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. #YourBeerHourglass
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16th of March 2019 01:00 PM Link
☘️ St. Patrick's (Day) Weekend is in full swing ☘️ Irish Curse Cans are Available.

And we just tapped Drunken Irish Curse a treated version of our classic, rested on 15yr. Red Breast Irish Whiskey Soaked Oak.
16th of March 2019 11:40 AM Link
✌ TWO Draught Drops in about an hour, Póg Mó Thóin and Drunken Curse! Joe and Merra are behind the bar for the first half of the day! ☘ #Yourbeerhourglass
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16th of March 2019 07:00 AM Link
🇮🇪Releasing today! One of our staples with a Holiday Twist. 🇮🇪

☘️ Drunken Irish Curse - Our famous Irish Red Ale rested on oak that's been soaked in 15 Year Red Breast Irish Whiskey.

Limited run, stop in during our St. Patrick's Weekend and get it while you can! #YourBeerHourglass
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15th of March 2019 05:00 PM Link
☞ A simple as one post! Easy as it gets to enter! $25 Gift card and everything that's seen here could be yours! 🇮🇪 #YourBeerHourglass
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15th of March 2019 04:00 PM Link
☘️ Irish Curse our Irish Red Ale now in 16oz 4-Pack Cans! Just in time for the Holiday! ☘️ #YourBeerHourglass
15th of March 2019 02:05 PM Link
☘ It has begun! 🍻 Pot-O-Gold raffle is under way. Coin for every beer served!

✖ When you order a beer this weekend in the Tasting Room, mark your coin with your phone number and add it to the Pot.

📞 When we draw the winner Sunday night, we will call them and inform them that they have 🎉 won 100$ H.G. Gift card + Shirt + Glass + 4Pack of Irish Curse. #yourbeerhourglass #☘️ @ Hourglass Brewing
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