20th of November 2018 02:56 PM Link
πŸ€” Mystery Bottle is no longer a mystery... 😯

Raspberry Permeation + Mashed Potato Time Bottles Drop on Wednesday the 21. It all Starts at 11AM on Drinksgiving! Check out Facebook Event for the Details!

Bottle Details in the Event Also!
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18th of November 2018 06:05 PM Link
Well, We're pretty sure by now you know what fruit was used for the Mystery Bottle... #YourBeerHourglass #HourglassBrewing
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18th of November 2018 10:00 AM Link
πŸ₯™ Nacho Average Sunday! πŸ₯— All Day! πŸ₯™

Come in today and tell your bartender you want the Nacho Average Sunday deal, pick ANY Hourglass Draft and get your loaded nachos for $4! As usual Loaded Nachos provided by The Wako Taco! #YourBeerHourglass #WakoTaco #LongwoodisGood #HourglassBrewing
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17th of November 2018 02:00 PM Link
😣 RandALL The Things πŸ˜₯ Canceled 😫

We regret to inform you tonights #RandALLTheThings is canceled.

😭 Bill broke one of the cylinders on the Randall. We hope to have it fixed by next week! Sorry guys!

In the mean time we will decide what the repercussions will be for Bill... #BlameBill #BreakAllTheThings

J/K We love him ❀️ #YourBeerHourglass #HourglassBrewing
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17th of November 2018 01:46 PM Link
Krampus is in the house! Come get your picture with him! This Oddities Market is in full swing! #YourBeerHourglass #hourglassbrewing #krampus #merrykrampus
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17th of November 2018 09:00 AM Link
πŸ’€ Todays the day! πŸ‘Ή The Oddities Market starts at 12:00PM πŸ’€

Some of the most odd and intriguing hand-crafted items around will be on site today for purchase during our Orlando Oddities and Curiosities Market hosted by Prometheus Esoterica! Tis the season for giving but some of this stuff you wont want to share! #YourBeerHourglass #LongwoodIsGood #OdditiesAndCuriosities #HourglassBrewing
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16th of November 2018 03:00 PM Link
πŸ‹ RandALL The Things! 😜 Tonight at 7:00PM πŸ‹

While the Brewers are away, the Bartenders will play!
You guys keep drinking all of it, and we will refill it! We are pushing our Sour IPA through Lemon Head Candies tonight starting at 7PM! #YourBeerHourglass #HourglassBrewing #RandALLTheThings
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16th of November 2018 01:29 PM Link
Another sneak peak of the Mystery Bottle to be released on Wed. the 21st...This bottle will be released with Mashed Potato Time, an all Brettanomyces beer made with real flaked mashed potato! #YourBeerHourglass #HourglassBrewing #Longwoodisgood
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16th of November 2018 09:03 AM Link
The Menu for tomorrows Oddities Market....Something for everyone, come get surprised and impressed with the quality and absurdity of THE Oddities Market in #Orlando #YourBeerHourglass #LongwoodIsGood #HourglassBrewing
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15th of November 2018 07:35 PM Link
🌚 This is not your NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration or your SpaceX feed...Its Hourglass on Suds and Scopes night!

This is the view of the moon right now from #longwood through an incredible telescope. If your not here you still have time. We are currently fixed on Saturn the Moon and Mars with 3 different amazing telescopes, with a live panel!
#YourBeerHourglass #hourglassbrewing #LongwoodisGood #craftculture #beerme #beer #stars #stargazer #wearenotalone #πŸ‘½ #moon #telescope #sudsandscopes
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15th of November 2018 07:18 PM Link
🚘 Parking Map for Saturdays Oddities Market...🚘

πŸ§β€β™€οΈ Parking is a pain! Take this. πŸ—‘οΈ
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15th of November 2018 12:19 PM Link
β˜„οΈ Suds and Scopes! Join us for a night celebrating space exploration at Hourglass Brewing in Longwood. The event will feature talks, local craft beer, exhibits from NASA, and telescopes. 🌌

πŸ•ž 7:15 pm: Jean Wright, "Sew Sisters to the Stars: How the Humble Art of Sewing Transformed the World of Flight"

πŸ•ž 8 pm: Brendan Byrne, "Top Space Stories of 2018"

πŸ•ž 9 pm: Space Trivia with Seminole State College Professor Laura Neser.

πŸŒƒ Telescopes setup in the back parking lot!
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14th of November 2018 03:11 PM Link
Bottling Today! Giant Giant Dwarf - Imp. Stout!

Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla and Cherries New Giant Giant Dwarf has been blended with one year Bourbon Barrel Aged Giant Giant Dwarf. What more could you want?
14th of November 2018 10:19 AM Link
⁉️ Trivia Tonight ⁉️ 8PM

βœ”οΈWin Free Hourglass Cash, And drink beer? 🀘
#YourBeerHourglass #LongwoodIsGood #HourglassBrewing
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13th of November 2018 03:19 PM Link
🍾 Bottle up some goodies in @sourglassbrewing
↔ Cork + Cage = 🍾
Any guess what beer this might be?
. #yourbeerhourglass #hourglassbrewing #sourglassbrewing #sourglass #hourglass #greenbottleawareness #greenisgood #saisongamestrong #farmhouseAF
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12th of November 2018 07:30 PM Link
Another glimpse of the Mystery Bottle that will be released on 11.21.18 with Mashed Potato Time... #YourBeerHourglass #HourglassBrewing
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12th of November 2018 02:13 PM Link
⚑Facebook crash or the rain got you down? 🌨 We've got Fatty Boom Boom back on tap in the Hourglass Tasting room.. #YourBeerHourglass #hourglassbrewing

Fatty Boom Boom - IIIPA -10.3% - 100% African Hops
11th of November 2018 05:05 PM
πŸ€” Wondering what The Walking Dead will be like without Rick...We'll get a taste of it tonight. Walking Dead starts at 9:00PM!
11th of November 2018 01:10 PM Link
πŸ– Draught Drop ✊ Fatty Boom Boom - 10.3% IIIPA πŸ–
πŸ’₯ Ladies and Gentleman we give you πŸ‘ #FattyBoomBoom now on tap in the #Hourglass Tasting Room.
πŸ‘½ Fatty Boom boom is a Triple IPA brewed with 100% African hops. Huge notes of passion fruit and guava and hints of tea, pine, and biscuit make up the flavor and aroma profile.
. #yourbeerhourglass #LongwoodisGood #beerme #flbeerscene #orlandocraftbeer #orlabdobeerscene #beerme #crafty #indiebeer #seektheseal #fattyboomboom #iiipa #tripsout #africanhops
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11th of November 2018 12:01 PM Link
🚨 When this post was made there where only 3 4-Packs left 🚨 Which by the time you see this are most likely gone...Thanks everyone! Crazy turnout! See you at the next drop! #YourBeerHourglass #hourglassbrewing #LongwoodisGood
#craftbeer #flbeerscene #flbeer #orlandobeerscene #orlandobeer
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